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iPhone 1-Day Master Class







About the Workshop

iPhone 1-Day Master Class



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Give us just one day and we'll teach you how to take better photos than most can take with a DSLR!
Your camera phone is the one that is always with you and we are going to share with you all the techniques and skills to help you get the most from every photo.

We all want to capture and share the best possible images from our smart Phone cameras, and using the right recipes, the proper smartphone techniques and with the right skills, I promise you will be amazed at the images you will be able to capture. If you want to wow your friends and capture shots that really have a professional look The join us on one of our One-Day Master Class Session and let us show you how!

Join Lisa and I for a full day and side-by-side we will share with you how to use your camer-phone to it's full potential.

Join as we explore historic and beautful location in and around the UK and with us, you will photograph and edit your images right on your phone. If you want to caputure and share images that really have impact, then invest in yourself and join us for a fun day and we'll show you how. You'll be amazed at what your camera-phone is really capable of!





Fitness Level





Around The UK




> A full day of expert tuition.

> Pro tips and techniques for getting the most from your SmartPhone-Camera.

> Basic & Advanced lessons.

> In-Phone editing and processing sessions to enhance your images and reveal their true quality.


> iPhone editing apps


> Smart Phone.

> Camera App (3rd party camera apps recommended)

> Adobe Lightroom Mobile (free download available)

Sample Itinerary


Your Instructor

Simon & Lisa Thomas

Simon & Lisa Thomas are internationally acclaimed professional travel photographers, authors, experienced public speakers and highly skilled educators who have spent 20-years shooting some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Simon & Lisa Thomas

If you would like to book or enquire about a 1-2-1 Online Session send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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Average Workshop Rating 5.0

Roz Milford

A really great course which Lisa and Simon pitch at just the right level taking into account existing skills and previous experience making the course suitable for complete beginners up to more experienced photographers.


Neil Bailey

Simon and Lisa deliver a workshop that makes learning really good fun. I can thoroughly recommend it to both beginners and intermediate photographers who want to improve their skills with the camera and get a good grounding in editing their shots to take them to the next level.


Tony Peckham

I learnt more about photography in those three days than in the previous 73 years of my life even down to the simplest of things as discovering the viewfinder diopter which now means I don’t have to keep removing my spectacles to get focus every time I look through the viewfinder!!


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