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The SOFTWARE we use to Edit and post-Process

Over the years Lisa and I have used a plethora of photo editing and processing software.

Our goal, when we process an image is to capture the scene and importantly how it made us feel. That's the essence of what we want to visually share. But, post-processing on the road has always been a challenge. A daily compromise between crafting the image we want while racing to finish as the laptop battery runs dry. We've always looked for tools that will help us realize our creative ambitions, but are powerful and intuitive enough to get us there quickly.

One of the most powerful and intuitive pieces of editing software in our toolbox, today is LUMINAR AI from SKYLUM. We've used various iterations of the current editing platform and it's easy to say that LUMINAR AI is a huge leap forward for most image editors, both novices and more expert editors alike. The image below was a 6-minute edit.

RAW: Processed with LUMINAR AI



Great question. Well, according to the marketing blurb, "Luminar AI: is the world’s first image editor fully powered by Artificial Intelligence."

Sounds great and to be honest it really is. Like any software editing platform, LUMINAR AI is a tool and when used judiciously, we've found LUMINAR AI to be a fantastic asset. 

Luminar AI is designed for every level of creative – from complete beginner photographers to seasoned pros, although the latter will likely use it more as a plugin, in conjunction with other image editing software.

Despite being incredibly powerful, it’s easy enough to pick up quickly, even for those with zero image editing experience.

According to Dima Sytnik, CPO of Skylum:

"Luminar AI brings an entirely new, non-conventional approach to the world

of photo editing, focusing on the results instead of the process.


On the run-up to SKYLUM's latest software release, Luminar AI is on sale now at just £35. An absolute bargain for an editing platform that is usually £59.


Whether you are a novice editor just dipping your toes in the water or a power user who wants to use Luminar Ai as a photoshop or lightroom plugin, I promised you will be delighted with the ease and simplicity gained by throwing Luminar Ai into your editing toolbox. 

Just click the button to visit the SKYLUM website and buy your copy.

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Edited with LUMINAR AI


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