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Candida Louis Video Reviews the Living Lens Photography Retreat

Social Media SUPERSTAR Reviews her weekend at Living Lens Photography

But it's not every day that one of your students is a genuine Social Media influencer with half-a million followers and millions of video views to her credit.

It goes without saying that Lisa and I feel genuinely honoured the Candida chose to us and Living Lens Photography to help her on her epic photographic journey. We can't wait to see what she captures hext with her new found skills and camera confidence.

Watch Candida Video review Now.


I knew that our June 30th weekend was going to be fun but different, the moment that Candida asked me to grab some footage of her riding up the farm track to the centre. A few seconds later and I was sitting on the roof of the ISUZU 4X4 as Lisa belted up the track and I held on for dear life. I pressed 'record' on Candida's snazzy new iPhone 13 Pro Max and hoped for the best.

Lisa and I have known Candida as a friend for a couple of years now. We first met her in the USA as a relatively shy motorcycle adventurer from India, who shot to fame after her first solo ride from India to Australia. Today she entertains her 226,000 followers on Instagram and her almost 200,000 followers on Youtube with daily reels and videos that are full of energy, insight and a genuine passion for travel that's a joy to watch.

"What do you want out of your weekend with us?" I asked Candida on Thursday afternoon before the workshop began.

"You know what, I just need to take better photos and take more control of what I'm recording. I want to be able to capture what I see with better quality and impact" Candida answered with a coy smile.

*If you'd like to learn more about Candia and her adventures there are links at the bottom of this page
Candida tries out my Fujifilm XT3 and 100-400mm lens for size

It's exciting to see just how much improvement can be seen on student images over the course of just a few days, and even more so to realize that the techniques and skills we teach will stay with our clients for life.

One of the key takeaways' I'll remember from this weekend was when I asked a student if they thought our workshop was good value for money. They answered like this...

..."Absolutely and without a doubt YES! I could easily spend over a thousand pounds on a new camera or lens, that would ultimately just add to my confusion. With you, I've invested my money and I've come away with skills, techniques and camera confidence that will help me take better pictures for life!"

Lisa and I want to thank all our group for attending and helping to create another wonderfully memorable weekend at Living Lens Photography Workshops.

We also need to acknowledge the time and effort so many students have made, in creating and then sharing their thoughts via online reviews of our workshops.

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Thanks for reading. Check back soon and please comment if you like the student images we've shared here.


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