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LIVING LENS-Ragley Hall Photo Exhibition

A quick review of our FIRST UK Photo Exhibition at stunning Ragley Hall, Warwickshire.


ABR Festival 2022

Over the weekend of June 23-26, ten thousand Guests from around the United Kingdom descended on the beautifully manicured grounds that make up the estate that are Ragely Hall, the private residence of the ninth Marquess and Marchioness of Hertford.

For Lisa and I, it was an unbelievable opportunity as we had been invited along with our good friend John Norris to exhibit our work. For us, it was our first UK Photographic Exhibition and the 70-foot-long Great Hall made for one spectacular setting.


How many photos do you have from your trip?” he asked

1.2 million” I answered, as I’d done many, many times before when asked the same question.

You must be bored at looking at all those photos” he continued. I was totally flummoxed by his words.

Several possible responses scrolled through my grey matter before I quickly realized that any answer I gave wasn’t going to help him understand. How could it? There was no way our new friend could ever fully wrap his head around the powerful and tangible connection we feel to these digitally captured moments of magic. Frozen moments of time and light, from a journey that has surpassed every wild expectation we ever had. More importantly from a 500,000-mile global journey that we can never repeat!

Fujifilm camera gear carried on our motorcycles.
The history-filled walls of Ragley Hall in Warwickshire made an incredible backdrop to our first UK exhibition.

So, what’s this got to do with our first ever UK Photographic Exhibition?

Well, after 20 years of wearing ‘Professional Photographer’ as a designation and having edited and inspected ten’s of thousands of our images from a dozen cameras, our Ragley Hall ABR Photographic Exhibition was the first time we had taken direct control of the printing process.

Many of the images on display have never been printed. 'None' of the carefully chosen images had been printed with the attention to detail that we ensured each received. Each raw image was carefully colour corrected with the right level of saturation, vibrancy, detail and atmosphere that ensured that guests got a glimpse, that was as close as possible to the moment in time that we took the shot.

Light pours through the main door at Ragley hall
LIVING LENS Photography at Ragely Hall

This was our first ever opportunity, to share our images as we’d always wanted them to be seen. And we are thrilled by the results and by the response. It was an utterly wonderful weekend at the ABR Festival 2022 at Ragley Hall.

Tiffany Coates and Lisa
Lisa and the celebrity around-the-world motorcyclist Ms Tiffany Coates, enjoy and connect with the display

Lisa barrels down the dessert track in Australia's Outback chased by a deadly thunderstorm
IN FOCUS: just one of the Adventure Riding shots from our first UK Photo Exhibition

Praying Hands
One of the prints from the 'PORTRAITS' category of the Exhibition

The Orange Wrap
Another print from our Ragley Hall Exhibition


A heartfelt and sincere thank you goes out to all the guests that joined us over the three days and spent time connecting with our printed work.

It was a privilege sharing this with you.

All the best


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